Artist Series


Cosmology and The Science Behind our Physical Reality


Black Hole Swallowing a Star #3 & #4. Stoneware Vases. 2022

Yesterdays | Tomorrows. Stoneware Vase. 2022

Gravity. Stoneware Object. 2022

Proto (Spinning Black Hole). Stoneware Platter. 2021

Electron Probability Cloud. Stoneware Vase. 2022

Dark Matter Bowl. Stoneware. 2019

Entropy. Stoneware Vases. 2021

Coasting Universe Model. Stoneware Vase. 2021

Decelerating (Collapsing & Recollapsing) Universe Model. Stoneware Vases. 2022

Formation of a Baby Universe. Stoneware Vase. 2022

Wormhole. Stoneware Vase. 2021

Pale Exoplanet. Stoneware Moonjar. 2022

Black Hole. Stoneware Platter. 2021

Exoplanets. 2021

Vortex. Stoneware Bowl. 2021

Accretions. Stoneware Jar. 2021

Magma. Stoneware Jar. 2021

Icy Planet. Stoneware Jar. 2021


Porcelain Grove


Back to Nature (2015)

Artist Statement 

From killing for profit to preservation, our relationship with whales has undergone a radical transformation over the last three centuries, driven by our evolving ethical values.

During the heyday of 19th-century American whaling, there were no notions of environmentalism. We saw whales as an exploitable commodity to support human industrial endeavors. Increasing levels of pollution in the 20th century led to the birth of Environmentalism. The "deep ecology" of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, a philosophical response to the environmental movement, now advocates for the inherent worth of living beings regardless of their utilitarian purpose to humans.

My sculptures represent milestones in the transformation of our relationship with whales.

"19th c. Open Wound"
Stoneware, wheelthrown and altered. 2015

"19th c. Harpoon, Rib Cage, Barrel: Hunt for Liquid Gold"
Stoneware, wheelthrown and altered. 2015

"20th c. Whale Processed for Commodities"
Stoneware. Wheelthrown and altered. 2015

"20th c. Whale Entanglement and Pollution: Human Hazard Continues"
Stoneware. Wheelthrown and altered. 2015

"21st c. Deep Ecology"
Stoneware. Wheelthrown and altered. 2015

These sculputres were on view for a year at the Museum of America and the Sea at Mystic Seaport, CT, as part of the self-curated group show by the artists of Dalvero Academy, called "Journey of Transformation: An Exploration of Our Evolving Relationship With the Whale"